Monday, May 26, 2008

get Your blog included into the Google search within 3 days

If you are trying to get you blog into the Google search engine but you are not able to do so.

Not to worry i will tell how to get Your blog included into the Google search within 3 days

Just submit your blog into the Google Add URL utility.

The key thing to remember is that give all the give key information to google needed to index your site in his list.

Steps to get your site indexed in Google

1. The First thing you need to do is to create
a Google webmaster tool account..

If you have already a Google account no need to create a new one you can use the same account for each Google product.

2.2. Add the full URL to your site in the Add Site textbox.

3.3. Next you need to verify your site. You can verify your site either by uploading a certain file to the root of your site that google asks you or by inserting a particular metatag into your blog.
Some people might be able to upload files directly to the root directory of their site.
But if you have a blog you would not be easily able to do the same.
See my other post for the same.

4. Next, you need to point google to your sitemap. The most simple method of doing this is just to use your RSS feed for your sitemap.
Use rss feed on your blog and give the rss.xml into the sitemap file name in webmaster tool.

Just enter "rss.xml" in the text box and submit.

Its Done now.

Now just check the traffic of your site and relax.
You will get the desired results within 3 days.

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