Thursday, June 12, 2008

Review of Monetizing Programs

A great percentage of individual users who have websites are not yet making money with their website. In this article, I will reveal to you how to monetize your website and start making cool money from it.

Many people these days are looking for ways to "make money on the Internet". These are not people looking to take their bricks-and-mortar business online to expand, or sell things they have manufactured, but instead people who are looking to create revenue from having a website.

Having a website is one of the most important things that is required for one to start making money online. Most people own a website today just for the purpose of making money. If your website has a highly valuable content and you still do not make money with it, it is high time you wake up and start making money with it. Below are some basic ways through which you can monetize your website.

What Not To Do
One thing you should never do is try to mix and match your advertising platforms on a niche blog. If you wonder why that is, here is the reason.

If you mix and match you will drive away customers and possible sales by confusing your readers. They see a Google Ad and think wow, this is what I need, then they turn around and see an affiliate ad and suddenly they are confused as to where to go. In the end they take your site for what it’s worth and click away without having spent any money.

What To Do..
1- You've built your site and it rocks- the people who visit leave you great feedback and send you e-mails about how helpful it is. You are adding to your content regularly and keeping it updated and interesting- now you need to turn up the volume on the traffic.

2- Find any forums or other venues that are complimentary to your topic and join them-- often you are allowed a signature link in your posts that will help people find your resource. Consider starting your own forum if none exist.

3-Google Adsense: With Google Adsense, you website has a great potential of pulling in a lot of cash for you. Google Adsense is a program that is powered by Google. If you have a website, you can sign up for this program and start receiving adverts on your website. You will make a small amount of money each time a visitor to your website click on these adverts.

4- Fair Ads Network

an alternative to AdSense
FAN introduces the first ad network of its kind. You can earn an income regardless of whether you sign up as a publisher or an advertiser. In fact, you can register as both! They didn't stop there though, you can even transfer your funds back and forth as you please! They give you total control of everything.

5- Affiliate Programs: You can also make money with your website when you join affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a very nice way to make money with your website. Affiliate marketing involves marketing other people’s product. Each time somebody makes a purchase through a link from your website, a certain percentage of money will be paid to you.
Many companies only offer their affiliate program through their site so don't overlook those programs you glanced at while looking for link partners. Knowledge goods (reports and e-books) are a great product to sell when they relate to your topic. Authors often have an affiliate program available to resellers. Make sure you DO want to recommend the product before offering it for sale.

6- Build a Directory
This is not a short-term quick-money strategy. But a directory can make long term revenue for you!

The problem with most industry directories is that they start out asking for payment, before they are a proven resource. Build your directory first with free listings, possibly requiring a link back in exchange. Once the content and the search engine rankings are there, THEN it's time to charge for listings.

Once you've proven to companies that your directory sends them business (with your free listings) they'll be happy to pay to remain in the directory- it's a no-brainer.

7- Shopping Ads
Basically, it's like AdSense but for actual products rather than just ads.
You can specify the exact keywords that you want to search for.
All ads are geo-targeted
Affiliate returns are higher than with a regular affiliate accounts
You can use ShoppingAds at the same time as Google AdSense
They pay you at the very beginning of the next month - no more waiting

Affiliate sites that do nothing but spam the search engines in an effort to gain traffic are having a harder and harder time succeeding as the engines try and deliver the best sites, not duplicates. The time spent trying to stay one step ahead of filters and algorithm changes is better spent building a resource that will grow and continue to produce revenue over time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Adding Search to your Blog

Hi All

I am again here with a new tool information for your blog.
Want to add google search in your Blog.
Not a problem.
Google has just added a gadget for blogger.
Just login to
Blogger Draft .
Add a new page elemnt to all your blogs in which you want to include google customize search.

Now Save the Blog and view your blog.

get Your blog included into the Google search within 3 days

If you are trying to get you blog into the Google search engine but you are not able to do so.

Not to worry i will tell how to get Your blog included into the Google search within 3 days

Just submit your blog into the Google Add URL utility.

The key thing to remember is that give all the give key information to google needed to index your site in his list.

Steps to get your site indexed in Google

1. The First thing you need to do is to create
a Google webmaster tool account..

If you have already a Google account no need to create a new one you can use the same account for each Google product.

2.2. Add the full URL to your site in the Add Site textbox.

3.3. Next you need to verify your site. You can verify your site either by uploading a certain file to the root of your site that google asks you or by inserting a particular metatag into your blog.
Some people might be able to upload files directly to the root directory of their site.
But if you have a blog you would not be easily able to do the same.
See my other post for the same.

4. Next, you need to point google to your sitemap. The most simple method of doing this is just to use your RSS feed for your sitemap.
Use rss feed on your blog and give the rss.xml into the sitemap file name in webmaster tool.

Just enter "rss.xml" in the text box and submit.

Its Done now.

Now just check the traffic of your site and relax.
You will get the desired results within 3 days.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What are the options available If I want to work from home using My PC and internet


A blog is a virtual public dyari where you can share the learnings and experience that you have gained throu out the life.In short a blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. If you know your subject well, you can start blogging it. Good content will attract a lot of traffic and hence advertising. You can generate monetary benefits via the contextual ad program from Google - Adsense. More recent additions that many are using successfully are Chitika’s eMiniMalls and WidgetBucks, Text Link Ads.

When it comes to ads I think the best way to earn through blogs is to use the ads provided by adsense.
There is really no doubting that there are amazing incomes currently being made on Google Adsense and the really interesting thing is that even relatively small sites and blogs are finding new ways to make money from their Adsense sites every day.

It seems increasingly bloggers want to try to cover their hosting and ISP costs with some revenue from their blog - and increasingly they’re doing it and are able to make a few (or quite a lot) dollars on the side. Many are turning to Google’s Adsense program.

What is AdSense? earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.

Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by placing these same text ads on your site. In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage of what they earn.

This program is called AdSense.

Every website owner should be involved in this. It's just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Even if your site is just for information purposes, you can still participate and make decent money with AdSense -- or at least enough to fund your website.

So if you are one of those people that don't like the idea of paying for a site, this is an excellent way to earn your money back and then some.

Even if you earned as little as $10 in a month, it would more than likely cover some or all of the costs for your web site. Perhaps you are simply looking for ways to add additional revenue to your website, then it's perfect for that situation too.

This program is getting so popular, people are creating websites just to display the ads and profit from Google's AdSense alone.

I don't usually like to use the term "easy money" because there really is no such thing. You still have to create your own website and learn how to bring in traffic in order to make good money with this program.

I certainly don't want to make it sound like you get something for doing absolutely nothing. There's no such thing.

However, I've got to say that AdSense is probably the closest you'll ever come to fast money on the Internet -- especially if you already have a website that gets a good amount of traffic.

What's even better...the program is completely free. You can also use it on multiple websites and there is no limit to the amount you can earn.

So how do I make money from Google Adsense? Let me share some AdSense Tips that heve helped me.

Some of the most effective methods ways to make money from Adsense clicks involve the simple step of just increasing the volume of targeted traffic to a site. One of the ways of doing this is by distributing interesting content to ezine lists and article announcement lists. It is not too difficult to quickly build a list that reaches a million or so email boxes and can thus give a lot of visibility and drive tons of highly targetd traffic to your Adsense site or sites. Probably the most popular place for doing this is at Yahoo groups, but there are a few others that you can find easily by using your favorite search engine.

Success here depends on three main factors. Firstly you should be careful to join article announcement lists and ezine lists that are as relevant as possible to your subject matter and offering. Secondly your headline has to be a killer headline that will grab readers by the scruffs of their necks and force them to open your email message amongst the dozens or even hundreds of others they receive daily. It goes without saying that the content must meet the promise of your sensational headline. Anything less will cause annoyance and leave all those potential visitors to your Adsense site feeling cheated. And believe me, you don’t want to cause this sort of reaction because it is definitely not one of the ways o make money from Adsense or any other program for that matter. Thirdly, you will need the sort of resource box in all your articles that will leave most of your readers with no option but to visit your Adsense site.

Within a very short of consistently applying this technique, my daily Adsense earnings increased seven-fold.